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There are places that cannot be forgotten, places that inspire and refresh, where one wants to return for some special feelings inexplicable in words. Somebody has a temptation to the sea, the other dreams about blossoming meadow warmed by the sun on the edge of a forest, somebody dreams about the gentle flow of a river.

We have such a place - on the very bank of the river Daugava, near entwined with fabulous legends Koknese, 105 km from Riga - the hotel ORINOKO. Our hotel bears the name of the proud and beautiful river Orinoco, which is the third longest river in the South America and the biggest river in Venezuela. This river, as well as Daugava in Latvia, has a special cultural historical and economical significance in the life of people living on the banks of Orinoco.

Everything necessary to enjoy wholesome rest, individual attitude and care for every guest, the width of water and beautiful landscape - these are the advantages of ORINOKO. A rest in loneliness, with a family, among friends, smaller or wider celebration, you can drive in our hotel on the way to satiate your appetite and enjoy tasty meal, you can stay there for the weekend or spend your vacation settling in comfortable rooms with every convenience.

Those busy with work we invite to use our conference halls equipped with all possibilities of modern technologies. You know - to achieve successful result of the work the surroundings we work in are essential. Therefore workshops, conferences and business meetings best of all to organize beyond ordinary office rooms.

Hotel ORINOKO - it is an environment where time stops, where everyday troubles are forgotten, where the feeling of comfort of customer is on first place and new ideas and future plans are born.
You are fondly welcome!

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