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May be it is a providential coincidence that the hotel ORINOKO is located in one of the most picturesque places in Latvia - in Daugava valley.

Our place is beautiful in all seasons. Come here when the anemones begin to blossom and the water of Daugava literally sparkles from sunshine. In summer when in sultry days black thunderstorm clouds are swelling across the river and it is so nice to go barefoot after the rain. The colours of autumn are the most brilliant, go on a ride by boat to watch the gorgeous landscape on both banks of Daugava with your own eyes. You will be fondly welcome in winter when the white silence is so endless that sometimes it is interrupted by quiet thump of ice - the river continues its life also in winter.

Do you remember the last time you visit the majestic Koknese castle ruins or go for a walk along picturesque bank of river Pērse? Do you know that beyond ORINOKO, on the other side of Daugava in the depth there is hiding one of the most wonderful natural preserves Staburags? Not far from here, in the middle of Daugava, there is an island where Likteņdārzs or the Garden of Destiny is being made - it is a symbolic place where the past, the present and the future will meet, it will be a memorial site for all people lost for Latvia in the 20th century.

The valley of Daugava is a beautiful surprise, so join the pleasant with useful - rest in the open air with educating information!

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