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Time after time a person has literally physical need to get in some place where is silence, peace, fresh air and unhurried time course. Staying in such place and just enjoying the free time allocated to you the energy gets renewed faster and you can return to your everyday works with pleasure.

In our hotel ORINOKO one can rest to his heart's content. To enjoy the width of water, to visit cultural historical objects and to watch nature sceneries you can use the comfortable ORINOKO motorboat. It is especially suitable for small rest trips on the water. The motorboat is equipped with soft seatings and it is intended for 12 persons.

At the disposal of guests there are also volleyball and football fields where to play ball for one's own pleasure or organize real matches.

In ORINOKO you can use the bath with a small celebration room, pool and a bubble bath set in the open air on the terrace with a view to Daugava.

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