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Employers have ascertained that the best work results can be achieved by a motivated employee who is working in appropriate conditions. However perfectly and up-to date arranged is your office, a pleasant change of environment gives positive impulses for new aims and weld together the team.

The hotel ORINOKO offers great conditions to organize different small business arrangements. Workshops, employee training, project presentations, management gatherings or business meetings - our small conference hall, intended up to 20 persons, will be at your disposal. To ensure qualitative work process the hall is equipped with all the necessary office technique and modern communication technologies, among them wireless internet. There is air conditioning equipment in the room allowing to work in pleasant cool in summer, but in other seasons ensures air exchange especially important in the rooms where at the same time there are many people.

The conference hall we have deliberately arranged so that one its wall is built with huge windows. There opens a look to Daugava and its endless vastness. If seems, that tiredness will right away gain an advantage, watch for a moment the landscape beyond the window. The thoughts are collected and energy returns. May the new ideas become!

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