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Planning and organizing large-scale arrangements - business, as well as festive - one of the most important conditions is a choice of appropriate venue. Exactly the place helps organizers of the arrangement to make the scenario many-sided and more interesting. The house is equipped so that also people with special needs will feel comfortable. In the arrangements where many participants and guests are taking part it is essential that all the main services are offered on the site - corresponding arrangement of rooms with necessary number of furniture, technical provision, feeding service offering a meal cooked on the site, possibilities for entertainment and lodging for the night etc.

The hotel ORINOKO offers you all the necessary to organize arrangements. A big hall with the space of 420 square metres is intended for this purpose, which can be adjust accordingly to the requirements of conferences or festivities. It is a spacious room with well-considered, up-to-date interior, many windows providing natural lighting and allowing to enjoy beautiful scenery outside. All the equipment necessary for work and festivities is available in the hall: qualitative audio and video facilities, screen, projector etc. The room is equipped with air conditioning facilities.

For business arrangements the capacity of hall is intended for up to 150 persons, for festivities - up to 100 persons. According to the season we offer to use for these intentions also the territory of ORINOKO complex.

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